Honey Whale is distributed in New Zealand, Austrilia, Euro and Mexico. Selling in Walmart, Linio, Elektra…  Committed to providing customers not only with high-quality electric Bikes, Moped and Scooters, but also offering great after-sale services. First time trail riders or first time riding a bike, were the place you come to get all your questions answered. Our team is passionate about finding the right thing for you. Our philosophies and purpose initiatives are what drive us, because purpose is more important than profit. Our vision is Make travel easier.



Our goal is to have all our buildings 100% run by renewable energy, decreasing our carbon emissions and playing our part in reducing climate change.


Our goal is to reduce our general waste by 60% by 2028, with product sourcing including sustainability, reducing the use of plastics, non-recyclable materials and a recycling culture.

Soft Plastic Recycling
By using soft plastic recycling bins, this helps reduce landfill waste and the plastic is re-used to create new functional products.

Compostable Courier Satchels
All smaller online orders are shipped using compostable courier satchels certified to comply with the International Standards for home and commercial composting.

All warehouses using paper tape that can be recycled, we have eliminated plastic bubble wrap and using recyclable fill material for online deliveries.

Supplier packaging
Our Pedal Bike packaging has now been changed to 95% recyclable materials.


Every August we run our pedal upcycle program. Anyone can bring in their old bike to us, and we’ll give them $50 to go towards a new bike, then we’ll upcycle their old bike back into shape and donate it to a local charity, this allows us to give back to our communities and get more people on bikes.


Our earning to give program is where we donate the equivalent of 1% of our employees wages to their chosen charity. Some of the charities our team members have chosen to support this year include EcoMatters Environment Trust, SPCA, Starship Foundation, Women’s Refuge, New Zealand Conservation Trust and World Wildlife Fund


We encourage our crews and supplier a ride to work bonus. We encourage healthy active lifestyles and this helps reduce traffic congestion, with less cars on the road and less pollution for our planet.


As well as internal support, we offer our employees access to an external “well-being” portal that helps with all aspects of their life, including physical, mental, social and financial. This service also includes initial one on one coaching and counselling service.